New Ford Fusion Energi and the Countless Technology Features

Look closer at the new Ford Fusion Energi and you'll see why it's a popular plug-in hybrid.

If you are driving in reverse and there is another vehicle coming from either direction into your path, the Ford Fusion Energi makes us of the Cross-Traffic Alert to keep you safe. If the radars detect traffic, you'll get a flashing warning, chime, and alert on the message system, giving you time to stop.

The way this Adaptive Cruise Control works in the Ford Fusion Energi is by using a radar to scan ahead of your ride until it locates a lead car. When the buffer is set, you cruise as normal, if that lead car slows, this system uses technology to pre-charge the brakes so that your vehicle slows down as well.

The all-new Ford Fusion Energi has more unique features than we could discuss, so come take it for a test drive now at Twin State Ford Inc. to see them in action.

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