Monitor Your Surroundings Efficiently in a Ford Super Duty Truck

When Ford engineers designed the Super Duty truck, many things were included to help passengers effectively observe the surroundings from the cabin. If you want to drive on roads confidently through heavy traffic, you'll benefit from operating a Super Duty since this truck can be equipped with seven cameras.

Each camera that you can add to the truck provides a crisp view of the surroundings. Everything is bold and crisp because HD technology powers the display panel. When people and pets wander along the side of this truck, the cameras can detect every action. They can also capture things that are in challenging spots because the housing components that support the camera hardware can rotate 360 degrees.

The big benefit is that the cameras make difficult towing tasks easier. For example, when pulling a trailer, you can monitor everything behind the truck while backing up by relying on Ford's Trailer Reverse Guidance technology.

At Twin State Ford Inc., we let locals test drive the Ford Super Duty on various roads in Saint Johnsbury. If you want to schedule a test drive, visit our dealership today.

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