Reasons Your Car Engine May be Overheating

These are some of the common reasons the car engine may be overheating. These are serious issues because overheating could lead to engine failure if action is not taken.

If the radiator fan fails, then the coolant cannot be cooled as it passes through the radiator. The water pump could be failing too, which means coolant is not circulating through the cooling system. Feel the underside of the pump for coolant, this means the bearing has failed and the pump needs to be replaced.

More common issues with engine overheating lie in the radiator hoses. These hoses are connected to the radiator and engine block with clamps, and they can rust and weaken over time. Inspect the clamps or see if the hoses have soft spots or bulges.

If you are having issues with the car engine overheating, bring your vehicle to our service center here at Twin State Ford so we can make the repairs before the trouble gets worse.

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