Tips to Avoid Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning is an unsettling experience for even the most experienced drivers. Once you are already driving on major roads in the middle of a storm, there is not much you can do to make sure that your tires properly grip the road. Preventative tire care is the way to go in avoiding hydroplaning.

One of the key things you must do to take care of your tires is to have them rotated regularly. This will also keep you apprised of when your tires might need to be replaced. This is a good opportunity to check your tire tread and the pressure so that you know you are set to drive in all conditions.

Before your next major trip, stop in to our service center at Twin State Ford in Johnsbury, VT to have your tires inspected. If they are rotated, you might find out whether you are able to drive safely in rain or need to have them replaced.

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