Don't Expose Passengers to a Smelly Car, Change Your Air Filter Today

Before you volunteer to drive in the car pool, or pick up your date for a night on the town, take a look at your cabin air filter and make sure it is clean and functioning properly. A cabin air filter helps remove smells and other particulates from the air before recirculating it through your cars interior. If it is dirty or otherwise clogged it can not only cease to work properly, but can actually contribute to the bad smell itself. Schedule a filter change at Twin State Ford Inc. in Johnsbury so we can help solve this stinky problem.

Eating, smoking, and just riding in your car will cause smells to build up. Additionally dirt, dust, even old skin will be brought into the vehicle from the outside whenever you are getting in and out. This will eventually lead to a clogged filter.

Make sure the filter is keeping your interior air clean and healthy, you don't want your date or your coworkers thinking you have bad cleaning habits. Bring your car into Twin State Ford Inc. today for service that doesn't stink.

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