When Choosing an Engine for the Ford Edge, What Difference do Horsepower and Torque Make?

Much discussion has surfaced over the years about horsepower and torque. Some believe that the power of a vehicle is determined by the amount of horsepower the engine generates. In a way, that belief is correct. However, the amount of horsepower generated is actually how much pressure the engine puts on the crankshaft to cause it to move. Torque is the amount of pressure generated that is transferred from the crankshaft to the transmission and then to the wheels.

A good example is the most powerful Ford Edge engine, the twin-turbo 2.7-Liter EcoBoost, that generates 315-horsepower to produce the 350 pound-feet of torque. That drives the wheels. The two measurements are symbiotic. Without the initial action of combustion, torque is not generated.

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